“Yoga is something that can’t always be put into words because it really is an experiential art. I just know that when my practice is committed and regular, magic happens” – Laura.

Laura Colless

Laura is SAMA Studio’s founder and Principal teacher. First introduced to Yoga around 10 years of age, she has fond childhood memories of chanting the ancient Gayatri Mantra, meditating, gazing endlessly at drawings and paining of Hindu deities and playfully hanging upside down and putting her legs behind her head.

By 2007 Laura was a regular student of Yoga and by 2008 her interest in Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness practices led her to taking vows with his HH the 14th Dalia Lama. In 2010, Laura began training with Kate Pell to become a certified teacher and has been teaching Yoga full time since 2013.


Laura holds over 1000 hours of formal yoga teacher training and has additional qualifications in pregnancy, postnatal, kids, partner and community yoga. Most recently Laura has taken opportunities to study intensively and be inspired by the work of Noah Maze, Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco. She has also studied with Kate Pell, Donna Farhi, Simon-Borg Olivier, Sue Everett and Peter Scott in Australia and Rajiv and Swati Chanchani in India. 

Laura’s motivation to share her experience of yoga and the gifts the practice brings are in service to cultivating and strengthening a greater sense of Kula – (Community of Heart). 

My practice and the philosophy of Yoga have taught me to be more gentle and loving to myself. The process has revealed to me that I have the strength of a mountain and it has helped me to endure things with spirit when life gets tough. Yoga reminds me to be my authentic self. It’s taught me to love the moments of struggle because there’s always an answer to something that comes from that space. Yoga has helped me to really feel into my body and has nursed me back to good health on more than one occasion.
Through yoga, I have been opened to so many incredible experiences and opportunities. It has introduced me to the most amazing people and given me back more than I could have ever imagined. You know, I was 30 before I ever looked into the mirror and just saw this person that I really liked, loved in fact. I wasn’t trying to be – I just was. I wasn’t worried about keeping up a certain appearance or measuring my success with the material, I was just happy, present and appreciative of this life and I’m sure that was the direct impact of a very committed and regular practice'”.
As seen in Australian Yoga Journal. 
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