Pregnancy Yoga and Nutrition

Pregnancy Yoga and Nutrition
Pregnancy Yoga and Nutrition


Be nurtured and nourished with gorgeous pre natal yoga and delicious food.
This is a day to bond with your baby, relax fully and learn about optimal nutrition that will support you, your changing body and your growing baby.

At the end of our time together, you’ll leave with a pre-natal yoga sequence to practice at home and pregnancy specific nutrition information that you will have covered through the day, including delicious recipes that you will have enjoyed throughout the day!

Pregnancy Yoga and Nutrition


A day long retreat for pregnant Mama’s to be nurtured and nourished.

Enjoy gentle prenatal yoga and relaxation and an absolutely delicious, nutritionally rich lunch.

You’ll feel deeply relaxed, you’ll feel nurtured and nourished and you’ll feel connected with your beautiful baby.

During pregnancy, you and your baby function as one. When you contemplate that you are creating your own extra blood supply, making a placenta and growing your little babe in all of its intricate perfection, it is easy to link how your nutritional intake and your healthy body and mind are of the utmost importance. Your wellbeing at this time and your nutritional intake can not only provide the best start for your baby but can also affect your ability to have a great birth.


Learn simple ways to support changing body and connect your growing baby.

Alongside a small group of other pregnant women, you will be lead though a gentle strengthening and relaxing prenatal yoga sequence that has been especially designed to align the spine and make room for your growing baby. Together we will also learn specific poses that bring relief to some common pregnancy complaints such as nausea, reflux, back and hip pain, sciatica and breathlessness.


Learn optimal nutrition that will support you and your baby during this special time.


Through the day, we will spend some time learning about the fundamentals of prenatal nutrition and explore simple and inspiring ways to add extra goodness and nutrient dense content to what you eat every day. There will be plenty of time to sample things (we remember being pregnant ladies ourselves!) and together we will also share a delicious, nutritionally rich organic lunch.

Relax deeply.

After lunch you will be guided through a beautiful pregnancy relaxation and learn calming breath techniques that you can practice now and take with you for the duration of your pregnancy, into birth and beyond.

It may be the first time you have practiced yoga.


It is not necessary to have previous yoga experience to attend this retreat. It may be the first time you have practiced yoga. While a degree of physical fitness is required, the yoga taught will be gentle and simple, pregnancy and beginner’s postures specific (with varying levels of complexity offered to more experienced yoga students).

We have prepared a beautiful little booklet for you of all of the yoga poses and breath techniques we will be covering together throughout the day. This booklet also contains nutritional information, recipes from our yummy lunch samples and extra resources to support you during this special time.


About your facilitators: Penny Burrows and Laura Colless

Penny, a mother of 4 has worked with pregnant and birthing families for 20 plus years, educating them and supporting them through birthing their babies and growing their families. She has attended hundreds of births, is an accredited childbirth educator and has a wealth of knowledge to share about thriving through this life transition.

Pregnancy Yoga and Nutrition
Pregnancy Yoga and Nutrition

Laura, a mother of 2 is SAMA Studio’s principal teacher. She has been teaching prenatal yoga since 2013, beginning her prenatal studies soon after the birth of her first child – having been so inspired by the positive benefits yoga had on her pregnancy, on the birth and the postnatal period. Laura recognises how important it is to create space for woman to be nurtured, supported and celebrated especially so through the joys and challenges that present during this special time.


Date: Sunday 10 September, 2017
Time: 9:30am to 2.30pm
Location: Sama Studio, 3/164 Beardy Street, Armidale
Price: $130 or $110 early bird (includes a fully catered organic lunch)
Enquiries: Laura 0400 778 792


Early Bird! Pay by August 27 – $110

Full Price after August 27 – $130

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