Yoga for Total Newbies

29th June Date

10:00 am to 12:30 PM Time

2/82 Rusden Location

Can't touch your toes? Feel like a tin man? Awesome! come and join us!

Come and join Laura for this introduction to Yoga and explore the foundations of a healthy yoga practice.

You will leave feeling healthy, embodied, energized and newly inspired. The perfect way to nourish your body and mind.

Perfect for complete beginners, those who can’t touch their toes or sports people who have lost touch with their agility and flexibility.

When you yoga, begin with us! Do-re-mi-fi-fa-so-la-tadasana!

laura square min

Laura is SAMA Studio’s founder and Principal teacher and was first introduced to Yoga at 10 years of age. With a background working in Allied Health as a young adult she has a strong interest in functional anatomy and healthy body movement. 

Known for helping students connect to the intelligence of alignment, Laura progressively builds her students to meet their edge in their practice – be it in in foundations, flow, alignment or restoration class.

She shares information in a fun and light-hearted fashion, without skipping the particulars, weaving mythological storytelling and philosophy throughout.


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